Public Housing Authorities

PHA Partner

Gilson Software Solutions can help your Public Housing Authority ensure HUD Compliance while simplifying the application process and streamlining maintenance processes.


PHA Partner provides Public Housing Authorities with a software solution that integrates applicant and tenant processing and compliance with HUD regulations, maintenance and work order management and accounting.

Ensures Compliance of HUD Regulations:

PHA Partner provides Housing Authority staff the capability to ensure that they are in compliance with HUD regulations and submits the appropriate TRACS and PIC files to HUD systems seamlessly.  The software is user friendly and performs all calculations based on all HUD subsidy programs.  Rents are calculated properly and can be collected utilizing the software’s “Voice Response” functionality.

Simplifies Applicant Processing:

Web and Kiosk Intake provide applicants the ability to apply on-line or in the office on an iPad Kiosk.  The kiosk provides applicants the ability to scan all necessary documents and these documents are recorded for staff to review during application processing.

Housing Authority staff can perform applicant and tenant screening that performs a comprehensive background check including checking credit history, searching criminal history and employment verifications.  During the processing of tenant contracts the system validates all HUD regulations and provides the user with proper messaging to ensure the information is correct prior to submitting the data to HUD.

Streamlines Maintenance Processing:

The Maintenance Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows tenants to call an automated phone line or and through verbal commands enter a work order.  The “auto attendant” provides the tenant with their work order number and they can call back and receive status of the work order from the “auto attendant”.  These work orders are wirelessly sent to the maintenance staff iPhone for immediate notification and processing.