Mobile HQS Inspection

Automate Inspections

Take your inspections to the next level with Gilson Software Solutions On-site HQS Inspection Module.


Gilson Software Solutions On-site HQS Inspection Module completely automates the inspection process from scheduling the inspection to sending out letters and taking pictures of damages.

  • Schedules HQS Inspections and produces notification and repair letters and notices that can be customized.
  • Produces inspectors work plan for a year and then allows you to copy the plan from one year to the next utilizing the actual inspection/re-inspection dates


  • Built-in HUD HQS Checklist
  • Provides capability to add standard comments during inspection
  • Download/Upload scheduled inspections for any time period
  • Add or reschedule inspections in the field
  • Provides the capability of electronic signature by the landlord and Tenant