Affordable Multifamily Property Managers

Property Partner

When Affordable Housing Members need a software partner they can trust to help manage their properties, they turn to Gilson Software Solutions.


Web Intake:

Provides the capability for applicants to enter application information directly via the Internet or from a Kiosk in their office. Provides immediate eligibility to applicants and communication with the Authority.  Applicants may also continuously review their status on the waitlist and also update their personal information.

Provides the user the capability to enter all required applicant data to determine eligibility, efficiently manages their workloads, and prints all required documentation. The system tracks past tenants or applicants that may disqualify participation, to include drug convictions and unpaid bills. This module performs all eligibility testing and produces all verifications forms.  The application process performs admission as tenants to any program based on the appropriate criteria.

Wait List:
The system has the capacity to create an unlimited number of customized wait lists in all programs. The waiting lists have the ability to order the applicants based on various criteria with user- defined preferences and rules. The waitlist automatically sends         out invitation notices and purge letters.

The system includes Public Housing, Section 8 Voucher and Project Based Section 8 programs. The system makes annual and interim reexaminations and all other tenant actions extremely simple thus minimizing the amount of data entry. A history is maintained of all PIC/TRACS submissions allowing staff to view contracts in real time as well as historical data. For Portables, the system handles absorption and outgoing vouchers, issues checks, posts bills and keeps superior records automatically.

Work Orders:
Staff can input all information for work order requests, check inventory for supplies and equipment needed, assign the work to appropriate staff and provide a To Do List for staff. Job standards are maintained which provide for productivity reporting. Maintenance charges can automatically be charged to a tenant’s receivable account.

Tracks supplies and equipment and is automatically managed through Work Orders.

Accounts Payable:
Simplified and flexible payable, direct deposit and check writing that automatically updates the tenant changes from month to month when issuing HAP checks. The system allows for individual name tracking of owners when issuing checks to a management company and URP’s can be paid directly to utility companies. Multiple tenants to a single landlord HAP check. As well as the ability to enter pre-system income earned, for issuing accurate electronic 1099’s.

Accounts Receivable:
Accounts Receivable is simple and menu-driven. Program is easy to use and requires no previous bookkeeping experience to post correctly. Accounts Receivable has two sections to accommodate accounting for both Tenants and Incoming Portables.

PIC Electronic Submission:
This submission feature will not allow submission until data is perfect. It produces a report outlining in clear and direct language the errors found.

An internal letters module designed with The Public Housing Authority in mind. Create personalized and fully customizable letters using mail merge codes that can be used for any piece of data in the Authority’s system. Letters can be created to be targeted to any group within the system, including Tenants, Landlords, or Applicants, or can be addressed to individuals using their personal information.